IQUEQE10 is a token on BSC chain with fixed APY of 1,010,101 (1million) with auto staking & Auto compounding in your wallet for every 10 seconds. Daily 2.5583%


Our Tokenomics

Total Supply - 1,010,101,010

(1 Billion)

Our Wallet Addresses

Development Wallet

Owner Wallet

Manual Buyback Wallet

Our Taxes

Buy Tax - 6%
Auto Burn
Buy Back
Auto Liquidity
Marketing and Development
Sell Tax - 13%
Auto Burn
Buy Back
Auto Liquidity
Marketing and Development

The Tax System is changed on market condition which is benefit to holders, don't panic. our sell tax is not more than 13% on any condition.


For the first time we give refund amount to all the buyers who participated in fair launch on pink sale it is announced before we launch. More information provided on this on social media profiles & also in AMA.


We have 10% of the supply for air drops. For air drops you don’t need to invest you Just need to do

Our Roadmap

Contact creation & development
Contact Audit
Pink sale fair launch
Fair launch refund system (FRS)
1000 TG members & holders
Website redesign
CMC listing
CG listing
Marketing AMA’S & Advertisements
5000 TG & Holders
DAPP Release
10000 TG & IQ
Certik Audit
Future plans chosen by community
Future plans chosen by community

Presently no CEX & DEX lists apy type tokens that’s why we have no exchange listing on our roadmap. In future any CEX offers to list apy type tokens we 100% apply for that.

Road map is may not be in order but we 100% delivers what we said.

Our Partners



1010101010% It is a not a Scam token. Ofcourse all Project owners says this but here owner does not know how to scam.

It is absolutely wrong you get 1010101 tokens after 1Year if you buy 100 tokens. amount is based on the price of the token & tokens you had.

We have 10% supply for airdrops only. An announcement we will given on all social media profiles on this.

For the first time we give refund who are participated in fair launch on pink sale .more information provided on Ama on this .

Buy back is activated when it needs .We had 2% of buy tax & 5% of sell tax used for buyback. it is 100% chosen by community a poll is made on our TG group to activate When.

All the taxes received by ours is used for project development only. Owner did not take any tax amount to his personally

We give more apy than other ones & we have massive buy back & Auto burn mechanism & we have separate strategy for project growth.

It is based on the big celebrity approval. Once we got approval it will become one of the biggest project in BSC.

Absolutely it is may be or may not be a 1000X or 100X gem.but your investment is 10000% safe with us

Our Social Profiels

Disclaimer: Crpyto investments are very risky now a days, majority are scammers. but we never scam/rug you. anyway it is very healthy to do DYOR (Do Your Own Research)